What is the Huangse' Gebei (Yellow Arm) Tong?

Tong Origins and History


The Huangse' Gebei (Yellow Arm) Tong was founded by Sigung Vincent A. Cabais from the Honan Shaolin Lohan lineage (a division of the "White Lotus Society"). The organization was created in the summer of 1979. This old concept of family, traditions, life, training and power was acknowledged by Sigung Cabais at only 12 years of age. Since that time... Sigung Cabais has undergone the growth and experience to operate such a huge endeavor. He searched for many years to set-up the foundation of hierarchy for this group. He was in search of "leaders" not "followers". Those who thought as he did and wanted success in their lives. This group works together in many areas of focus. To include but not be limited to: 1.) Martial Arts Training, 2.) New Business Development, 3.) Community Focus and Support, 4.) Trend Setting and 5.) Overall Success. This organization comprises of the "Elite" of society. Those who can and will make a difference, for the better, of our future.


"Huangse' Gebei" in the Pinyin dialect simply means... "Yellow Arm". This is a style of Martial Art in itself. The style was created by Sigung Vincent A. Cabais using certain fundamentals of other systems. He then created the perfect Martial Art for himself and began to realize that others could benefit from his understanding of the Martial Sciences.

The "Martial Science" of "Yellow Arm" has had an influence from the following styles: 1.) Tai Mantis, 2.) Drunken Gump, 3.) Japanese International Karate, 4.) 10 Iron String, 5.) Judo, 6.) Shang Chu'an, 7.) Sponge Body, 8.) Light Foot Kung Fu, and 9.) Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu... which includes 5 set of animal kuens(forms): A.) Shantung Black Tiger, B.) White Crane, C.) Northern Leopard, D.) Snake, and E.) Earth & Heavenly Dragon. Shaolin Lohan also uses 30 different weapon kuens.

Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu was Sigung Cabais' primary system for "Huangse' Gebei's" foundation. This is where Sigung Cabais began his Martial Sciences career. 10th Generation, Sigung Ronald S. Chiang, began teaching Sigung Cabais at the early age of 5 years old. As of June 21, 1994... Sigung Cabais became the sole lineage holder to this system of Kung Fu. On that date... Sigung Ronald S. Chiang died of a massive kidney rupture and Sigung Cabais became the only known lineage holder of "Northern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu". Sigung Cabais has since dedicated himself to continuing the lineage beyond the 11th generation.

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