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Installing the 1.1 Patch

Fallout Patches:

This page is for all those people out there that are barely able to use a computer at all and then only to play Fallout. You know who you are! After fielding many requests by computer illiterate people on how to install the patch for the PC version of Fallout (MAC users take a hike!) I have decided to create a page specifically for you! Be warned semi-computer literate people this will go through all the basics. This assumes you have Win95 or 98. Maybe later I will provide screen shots to make this even simpler.

First of all, the patch is compressed into a file package using Pkzip. This means that you cannot download the patch and have it automatically work, you need to install WINZIP a program that will uncompress this package.

If you have WINZIP, great, skip past this paragraph. If you do not have WINZIP, click on the link below, if that does not function then go to the link below that and click on the appropriate download text.

Winzip download page

Once you have done this you will have to save the WINZIP file to a folder, I would suggest that you click on the Save As button then click on the yellow folder with the upward facing arrow in the Save As box until you get to the Desktop (you will see "Desktop" displayed in the box to the left of the yellow folder button). Save the file directly onto your Desktop. Then go to your Desktop (it is what you see when there are no programs open in Windows). There you will see a file icon called winzip95 or winzip95.exe. Double click on this and follow the prompts, use express installation and tell the program to use the WINZIP CLASSIC interface, let it install to it's default folder.

Now you should have Winzip safely installed, I hope.

Download the patch from here. Fallout 1.1 Patch for Windows 95/98

Do the same thing that you did above for the WINZIP file, save the patch file directly onto your Desktop. Once you have done this you will be able to see a file called fallup1w or on your desktop screen. Double click on this file and WINZIP will automatically open it. The file contains a text file and another ZIP file inside it. So you need to uncompress this to another folder. Click on the "EXTRACT" icon and you will get the extract menu. There will be a dialogue box that says "Extract to" in the upper left corner. Type into this box EXACTLY c:/windows/desktop/fallpat and then click on the Extract button in the upper right hand corner.

This will create a folder where the patch archive and text file will be stored, you will see this folder on your Desktop and it will be called "fallpat". Double click on this folder and you will see two files, one is called, fall11 or, the other is patch or patch.txt. Double click on the fall11 file and WINZIP should start again, do exactly the same thing that you did above only this time you will type in the dialogue box that says "Extract to" the path where your Fallout game has been installed, the default folder is c:\Program Files\Interplay\Fallout. If you changed this when you installed Fallout you need to provide the correct folder in that box. Also, make sure that in the bottom left hand corner that the dialogue box labeled Use Folder Names is checked!!

That is all there is to it. If everthing went well when you start the Fallout game it should say 1.1 in the bottom right hand corner of the main menu. If you want to know what the patch does then go to the fallpat folder and double click on the patch or patch.txt file. Also, you do not need to keep either the archive file that you downloaded or the fallpat folder you can delete both once you have successfully installed the patch.

Any more questions then e-mail me.

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