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There is plenty to do in Klamath, you should have gotten this location from the village elder, if you didn't SHAME ON YOU!

Help Torr Guard Brahmin

Anyway, the first thing that you see upon entering the town of Klamath will be a board with some notices up on it. You can read it to get a feel for what is going on in the town and what you are going to have to take care of. You should see Torr standing near the entrance to Klamath, he looks like some of your tribe members or you without the Vault Suit. He will tell you, in a limited fashion, that he needs your help to guard his brahmin. Make sure you are at full health and then agree to help him. You will be transported to where Torr's brahmin are located, you need to take out all the scorpions in the area to help Torr. You will notice that there are two seedy looking characters standing off to the west of where the brahmin are located. These are the Dunton brothers, if you talk with them they want you to help them get Torr's brahmin, the Dunton's are a pain in the butt, I usually kill them right here, because once you get back to town if you attack them the whole town will come up against you. They have some spiked knuckles on them for the unarmed combatant, it is a karma boost if you take them out as well. They are somewhat tough for the second or third level character since they are using the spiked knuckles so be careful if you attack them. Once you kill all the scorpions you can head back to town via the exit to the southwest. There should also be a house in the area with some fake claws inside of it. I have yet to figure out how to tie these in with the Dunton's and the brahmin mutilations, that is why I just kill them.

Clean Rats out of Trapper Town

On the board that you read at the entrance to town it will give you the information that there are rats that need to be cleared out in Trapper Town. There should be a dog wandering around the town, if you speak to it and then give it food it will give you the extra key to the locked door in Trapper Town, it will also follow you around whenever you are in town. Head to the southwest to get to Trapper Town. Head to the southeast to find a house with a locked door, pick the lock and you will find some gecko pelts in a footlocker. Talk to the head of Trapper Town, he is located in a building to the south of a large pile of barrels, if you could not find the dog with the key you can talk to this guy and offer to get rid of the rat problem for him, he will hand over the key to you then. Use the key on the door in the room to the east. Once you get through, head over to the building with the Guns sign on it. No, unfortunately there are no guns in the building, but you will find some rubber boots which will prove useful later. Head to the west and enter that building, kill all the rats there and work your way around inside the building until you get to the east corner where there is a ladder down. Take the ladder down and you will be in the caves below Klamath.

The first level of the caves is pretty obvious, there are several areas that you should search for some stuff and there are a lot of rats. The ladder down to the next level is located roughly in the middle of this level. Take the ladder down head down the stairs to the east into another passage then when you come to the wall head south and then turn east into a passage where you will find a dead body with a 10mm pistol on it. Congrats to those who want a gun, you actually have one now. Head to the south and you will find the Rat King a giant rat who wants to kill you, surprise right? Kill the Rat King and gain 300xp. Head to the northeast corner of the level after taking out the remaining rats and you will find the ladder up to the next level. Northeast of the ladder that you just came up is a door with a shelf next to it. Search the shelf for some dynamite, use the dynamite in front of the door to blow it open, or pick the lock if you are that good. Once the door is open head up the ladder in the room, after you take out all the rats on this level of course. Once you head up the ladder you will find yourself in a building on the surface, head south to the broken down car near the fence and search the car for the fuel injection system. Head up to the northeast and you will find a building with a fridge in it that has a few items. Then head all the way back out the way you came in through the caves. Once you are back out, head back to the other side of town, make sure you take out all the rats in the caves.

Smiley the Trapper and NPC Sulik

You should have seen Buckner's as soon as you entered the town. Talk to Mrs. Buckner and you can get the quest to find Smiley the Trapper, she will mark the location where Smiley was heading on your map, you need to leave town to the world map and travel there, it is labeled as the Toxic Caves. Head over to the Toxic Caves and you will find yourself facing some Golden Geckos, you will notice a side passage to the south, head that way and you will find a locker with some boots, flares, RadX and stims. The boots are important to have because if you walk over the slime without boots in your possession you take damage. So keep those boots in your inventory, no need to put them in an active slot or anything though.

Kill the Gecko's on this level and then make your way down the ladder at the east end of the level. Once you are down the ladder you can head to the east and then take the passage south to avoid most of the Geckos in the caves. Head all the way to the east and you will see an elevator and a room with Smiley the Trapper inside of it, go in and talk to Smiley and he will ask you to help him out of the place. Ignore the computer and machinery as you will need a decent repair skill to get the generator going and then you need an electronic lockpick to open the elevator door, also there is something a little bit nasty waiting down there, just remember to come back later when you have the required tools. Lead Smiley back out of the caves to the entrance and then head back to Klamath, Smiley will make his way back himself. Head over to Buckners again and talk with Smiley and he will give you the Gecko Skinning ability. This will enable you to obtain the gecko pelts from the Geckos you kill. You can head back to the Toxic Caves if you want and take out the rest of the Geckos if you didn't already and obtain their pelts. Also Mrs. Buckner is grateful enough that you can convince her to let Sulik, the tribal guy that is working off his debt at Buckner's go. Talk to Mrs. Buckner's daughter and then talk to Sulik and you can get him to join up with you. Mrs. Buckner's daughter will also trade with you, if your Barter is good enough you might be able to pick up some leather armor from her, but it is going to cost you.

Whiskey Bob and his still

There is a man standing around in Buckner's near the door named Whiskey Bob, he will give you a quest to refill his still with wood. Head south of Buckner's and you will find the entrance to where Whiskey Bob's place is located. The place is surrounded by Geckos so with your new found skill you should kill them and get their pelts for trading. Head to the house to the southwest and grab some wood from the floor and use it on the still in the northeast corner of the room. Then head back to town to collect your reward from Bob. He will also give you some useful information about where the Den is located and some other quest related information that is not as useful.

Search Vic's Place

When you get back to town head over to the northeast corner of town west of the bathhouse and you will find Vic's place. Search through the place on the shelves and in the desk and you will find some items including a radio and a pipe rifle, keep the radio on you as it proves useful later on. The pipe rifle is a ranged weapon that uses 10mm shells, but you can only shoot once before reloading, regardless it is a gun for those who want to start using that Small Guns skill.

The Golden Gecko and Dunton's

The Golden Gecko is south of Vic's below the Dunton's place, if you killed the Dunton's then they are no longer in their house and you can rummage through what stuff they might have. In the Golden Gecko, everyone is not terribly friendly, you can trade with the bartender although the deals right now are pretty bad even if you have a high barter skill, I would avoid trading with him. In the southwest corner of the Golden Gecko is John L. Sullivan, talk to him for a while and he will offer to help train you in unarmed combat. If the Dunton's are still around the basically give you trouble and you can arm wrestle one of them when they are handing out in the Golden Gecko, if your Strength is high enough you might win, probably an eight or higher for Strength. There are also some shelves in the back of the Golden Gecko that you can search for some money.

Miscellaneous in Center of Town

Search the houses in the center of the town on the shelves and in other storage areas for various items including, stimpacks, throwing knives, healing powder and a Gun's and Bullets magazine.

The Ghost

Head directly west of town and you will find an entrance to a new area. There you will find a Mr. Handy like robot standing in your way, it will immediately attack you, do some called shots to the sensors and it will retreat, really the only thing you can do is destroy it. Once you have done that you can head over to the west and you will find a Vertibird wreck, search the bodies near the wreck and you should come up with a yellow key card (if you have patched the game). Leave the area.

Other Miscellaneous

If you search the building behind the Dunton's you will find a knife in a locker there. If you visit the Bathhouse and get the treatment from Jenny she will give you the location of the Den, although it is a bit much to pay at this point.

Next is The Den

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