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Junktown and Raiders:


Okay you are on your way to becoming quite a hero, everyone loves you in Shady Sands (unless you went agro with the machine pistol and killed them all) and the Radscorpions are toast. Where do you go now? Head south to Junktown, which should be on your map if you have any conversation abilities at all. If it isn't talk to Ian and he will tell you where Junktown and the Hub are.

Junktown is a backwater run by Killian Darkwater on the good side and Gizmo and the Skulz gang on the bad side. When you arrive at Junktown you will have no problem getting in if it is light out, but if it is dark then you might have to sweet talk the guard a little to gain entrance. Once you're in talk to Lars the guard's sergeant that is standing right inside the entrance. He will tell you about some of the various problems with the place including problems with the Skulz, you can offer to help him out with them and he will tell you to come talk to him if you have any dirt on them.

Take out Doc Morbid

One of the first things I do is to head over to Doc Morbid's health care facility next to the guard house at the entrance to Junktown and talk to him. Head down below behind the Doc and you can talk with the midget that is helping the Doc out. Get him to tell you about the stuff that the Doc is doing as you will be able to use this information. I would advise taking out the Doc and his associates, I'm pretty sure you don't lose or gain any Karma for killing them, but just to be sure you can talk to the midget and rile him up or you can talk to the Doc and get him riled up by not paying for his examination. Either way they attack you. Take out the Doc and his guards and you can pick up some leather armor and weaponry off the guards. Also check out the Doc's stuff down in the hole watch out for traps though.

Help Killian take out Gizmo

Head north to the next area of Junktown and you will find yourself in front of Killian's store. Go inside and talk to Killian for a while, he will give you the straight dope on the town and it's problems, try not to insult him and you can get some info on other locations that you can visit that you probably already know about right now. After you talk with Killian an assassin sent by Gizmo comes into the place and tries to kill Killian. Help out by taking a few shots at this guy and Killian will be grateful. He will offer you a job trying to nail Gizmo and his boys. Take the job and he gives you a tape recorder and a bug. Head up to Gizmo's place which is north of the area you are in. At the back of Gizmo's casino is the fat boys office. Before you talk to Gizmo either keep the recorder ready or plant the bug on Gizmo's assistant using the steal skill. It is easier just to keep the recorder out. Gizmo will give you the task of killing Killian, surprise surprise. Offer to take the job and head back to Killian's. Talk to Killian and tell him you have the confession or that you planted the bug. Killian will thank you and offer to let you help him take out Gizmo. If you are the fighting type you should go down and talk to Lars and then you will confront Gizmo and take him out. After that you appear back at the entrance to Junktown, make sure you go back and search Gizmo's corpse and his bodyguard's corpse as well as the adjacent rooms for some goodies.

Take out the Skulz Gang, get NPC characters

The next major task is to take out the Skulz gang. You meet up with them by heading over to the Skum Pitt which is located next to Gizmo's. Head over there in the evening and you will find the Skulz gang hanging out. Talk to the bartender and try to avoid talking to certain Skulz or you will be drawn into a fight. At a certain point after you talk to the bartender one of the Skulz gets rough with one of the waitresses and Neal the bartender takes him out big time! The Skulz threaten Neal and then leave. In the midst of this the waitress will call out for Saul, go ask her about this and if you have a high enough speech skill and intelligence you can get her to reveal her problems with her boyfriend Saul who is the boxer in the ring in between Gizmo's and the Skum Pitt. After you talk to the girl go talk to Saul and if you say the right things you can help him with his relationship with the Skum Pitt waitress and gain some experience in the process. Meanwhile, you should also talk to Tycho who is sitting in the Skum Pitt. Talk with him and you should not have a hard time getting him to come with you, if you tell him the right things. While you are around that area you might as well head over to the house that is at the southeast corner where you will find a man who is being terrorized by a large dog. If you are wearing the leather jacket (a la Road Warrior) the dog will automatically join your party. If you do not have the leather jacket on you can offer him some meat and he will come with you.

Next head down to the Crash House hotel which is right above Killian's shop. Before heading to the back to talk to the Skulz you should get a room from the lady at the desk for the night. During your night of rest you will be awoken from your sleep when a raider takes a woman hostage in the room next to you. If you are convincing enough in your speech you can get him to give up his hostage without a fight which gains you more experience or you can convince him to drop her and concentrate on you, either way if you manage to save the girl you gain some experience. After that you can head up to the Skulz room at the back of the Crash House. Head into the room and talk to their leader who looks like a clone of your friend Ian (his name is Vince I believe). Ask to join the Skulz and he will tell you that you need to steal the urn that contains Neal the bartender's wife's ashes. This can be found on the bar in the Skum Pitt. Tell him you will do it an head back to the Skum Pitt. If your Steal skill is high enough or you are just lucky you can take the urn right off the bar without Neal noticing. If you have a hard time with this just rest in the bar until the morning when the bar closes. Neal will head into the back room and you can take the urn without anyone witnessing it. Head back to the Crash House and give the urn to Vince, he will be pleased and will tell you that he and Skulz will be heading up to take out Neal permanently. You can either go with them and do a double cross on them or you can tell them you will meet them there later and go talk to Lars. If you talk to Lars you will meet up with the Skulz at the Skum Pitt but you will have six or so guards as backup. I'm not certain, but I think you might get more experience if you take Lars with you. Either way you take out the Skulz (unless you are evil and decided to kill Neal, but I am assuming you are a do-gooder) you should give Neal his urn back and then head back down and talk to Lars. Lars will congratulate you on helping clean up the town and you get some experience. I think that is pretty much it for Junktown.


After you take out the scum in Junktown you might as well head back up to Shady Sands. There you can talk to Seth and find out that Tandi, Aradesh's daughter, has been captured. Go talk to Aradesh and he will give you a spear that one of the Raiders dropped (what this is useful for I don't know, but it is free stuff), then head over to the Raider camp, which should be on your world map, if it isn't then you need to talk to Seth or Aradesh a bit more to get that info out of them. Head to the Raider camp, don't have your weapons drawn! Head into the building in the center of the camp. In there you will find a man dressed in metal armor, this is Garl, the leader of the Raiders. Talk to him and tell him that you come in peace to get Tandi (not an exact quote except for the "come in peace" part). Any other dialogue will get you into a fight. Once you tell him this you get a couple of choices. You can barter for Tandi, in which case you get the standard trading option area, if your barter skill is good then take this option as you will probably just have to give him a few items to get Tandi back. The other option is to fight Garl hand to hand for Tandi. If your unarmed combat skill is good enough, take this option. If you get into a fight with the Raiders themselves (not Garl) you get less experience for rescuing Tandi as she is more traumatized. The best bet is to have a few points in the barter skill by now and just trade for her. Once you have successfully done one of these things Tandi will join your party. Head back to Shady Sands and get rid of Tandi for some experience as she is not worth keeping around. Then head back to the Raider camp and kill everyone, as long as you think you are good enough of course, you can do this at any time later in the game pretty much, but if you don't do it then the Raiders end up doing bad things in the end game movie. This is also good experience and you can pick up a lot of stuff too. Then head for the Hub.


When you arrive in the Raider camp if you are wearing a leather jacket as armor the Raiders will sometimes greet you as their long lost leader the Death Hand. This only happens randomly in the game (I haven't had it happen so I don't know the details) and I think only when you are wearing the leather jacket. I guess the Death Hand was Garl's father or something of that nature. I wonder if your age has any factor in that, it would be hard to believe that they would think you were this guy if you were only 25. Maybe that tough Vault living hardened you up a bit eh? :-)

The Hub

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