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Archive 4/20-5/18:
5/18/2000 Later
Just noticed that Gamespot have posted a preview of Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. The game looks pretty sweet! Also there is a new patch out for Revenant, the Diablo type game from Cinematix. The only reason I mention it is because this patch adds the ability to create and maintain dedicated game servers for Revenant. A sweet innovation to say the least. I'd say that this game deserves a look. Considering it has been out for a while you can probably find it on the cheap. Be warned that a gamepad is the preferred play method.
The questions keep coming into the Fallout: BOS forums.

  • Q) Will choosing between male and female greatly change character interaction like it did in FO2?
    A) No.
  • Q) Will doctor and first aid skills be usable in combat?
    A) Tentative yes. We are looking at rebalancing some AP costs and skill usages.
  • Q) Are you forseeing more or less weapons in F:T than in FO2?
    A) About the same. Some more variety, however.

I tell you guys. I am looking forward to this game, but I also am longing for some good role playing games as well. Arcanum should really satisfy that urge. Hopefully we will see some more info on that soon. If you haven't played Planescape Torment yet don't wait. Go get it now!

More commentary from the Fallout: BOS forums.

  • Q) Will there be more accurate critical hit graphics?(chest doesn't explode with a critical hit to the head)
    A) Not really. The problem is the number of different animations we can create. The number is very similar to what you have seen in previous Fallout games.
  • Q) (kind of a repost) since the game's music will be in .mp3 format, will you be able to have FO:T play your personal .mp3's without having to hack into game code to set the directory for it?
    A) Hmmm. I don't know the actual answer to this (not that that's ever stopped me before... :), but it depends on how we end up doing the audio. If we make it play according to a map (like a desert vs. a city map) or an event (like combat), then probably not. If we make it play randomly (which I don't see us doing), then I don't see why not. If you ask Karl _real_ nicely, he might be able to add an PLAY RANDOM MUSIC option to the Options screen. I don't think that would be a very difficult thing to do, but it's completely up to Karl (ie, it's not something they have to do for us).

If that's not a hint I don't know what is! Hey, I think being able to play some of your own MP3's is a pretty cool feature. The Sims allowed you to do that by swapping your own MP3's into certain directories. If you guys want to see something like that in the game I would suggest that you get over to the Fallout: BOS forums and let your voice be heard! Also, here's hoping the next Fallout game uses a nice 3D engine, like the one that Black Isle bought from Monolith, so that they don't have to worry about creating gobs of source art for every new animation.

The Fallout Tactics: BOS forums have a lot of great info coming out of them as the developers are answering a lot of questions over there. Some info about FT follows:

  • Q) Can we choose a character's armor color?
    A) You may choose skin, hair and team color. Thats all.
  • Q) Can we see special effects (colored lighting and other) without 3d graphic cards?
    A) Two of the screenshots shown on the webpage demonstrate colored lighting. This is without 3D graphics cards. The main benefit for owners of 3D cards will be increased game performance.
    Sort of like Diablo II as I indicated below. -H
  • Q) Will the character generation be the same as in FO and FO2?
    A) Almost identical.
  • Q) This message board is still really buggy.
    A) We know. Actually we have new software flexin behind the curtains and almost ready to go. It's way cooler. Much more stable and tweakable.
    Good to hear! That message board needs an update.
  • Q. In multiplayer will it be possible to have more than one human player controlling a single squad?
    A. No. But you can play team games.

Saw at the Tactics forums that new Fallout Tactics: BOS wallpapers have been posted at the MicroForte (developer of Fallout Tactics) website.
The Fallout Brotherhood of Steel website has been updated with an FAQ for the game. Looks like it is basically XCOM meets Fallout (which is not a bad thing of course). They say they are using DirectX to enhance gameplay, but they also mention that it is a 2D engine. DirectX is used in a number of different aspects of game development including sound and basic 2D graphics card support. Perhaps they will add some 3D effects into the game, but it looks like the game is going to be largely composed of 2D tile based artwork. They could be doing something like Diablo II which is supposed to be a 2D graphics game with 3D accelerated special effects. Personally I liked the 2D graphics in Fallout, they really worked quite well, but I gather it was a bitch to model them, which is why they didn't include any new animations in Fallout 2.
5/15/2000 Part Deux
Hey folks, I was just thinking that while this is a page devoted to Fallout. There is nothing preventing me from talking about some other great RPGs out there. For instance Planescape Torment. I just saw over at CompuExpert that they have it on sale for 22.90 plus shipping for the next 15 hours (8:30PM EST here). That is a good deal for a great RPG. I played through the whole thing and it is awesome. I liked it a lot better than Baldur's Gate. There was a ton of story in Planescape. If you liked Fallout you will like it. I guarantee it. If you have trouble with it, I found a decent Planescape walkthrough that helped me out a bit on some of the more difficult puzzles.
Well, I decided to update the site design. It was annoying me. I hope that this helps people get around the site better. Notice that I didn't eliminate the ugly background for all you people that love it.
The new game Fallout Brotherhood of Steel has been announced by Interplay. Looks awesome, they seem to be going for a cross between XCOM and Fallout. Hopefully they will still include a good amount of RPG elements. Screenshots are up at the Interplay website. BTW, check out that XCOM link if you are interested in classic games as the Mythos guys have available for download some of their old ZX Spectrum games on their website.

I ended the poll, the results were 41% for keeping the new design 18% for changing to a black text on white background and 41% wanted another option. I guess none of those people were web designers as I got no additional suggestions for designs. So, until I get tired of the current design I'll leave it the way it is.

I know this is off the subject of Fallout, but I am selling my car. It's a 1987 Buick Grand National. I have a page up for it. Check it out if you are interested in fast cars. Oh yeah, here are some links to items about the new game Arcanum of Steamworks and Magic Obscura from the designers of the original Fallout. This game looks really cool. I'm sure you guys and gals will like it if you are coming here!

Well, my poll has brought in a few results. So far "What? there aren't any other options?!" is in the lead. Keeping the same design is second. All I can say about the lack of design choices is, tough crap. If you are a web designer I give you full license to send me alternate design schemes other than black text on a white background. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. If you haven't voted yet, what the hell are you waiting for? The fate of that ugly background rests in your hands! I think I'll leave the poll there at least till mid May or so.
Okay I've managed to resist updating this site, despite many temptations to go back and play Fallout 2 and finish the walkthrough up. Can't do it. Don't want to do it. Fallout 3 will probably be out within the next year anyway. Keep sending questions my way and I'll try and answer them. I do have one thing to add, I've posted a poll regarding the site design. Yeah, I know you all love the hokey background, but I just want to make sure, so check out the poll at the top if you haven't already.
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