Fallout 2: Character Creation and Arroyo

Character Creation

    Fallout 2 is a little different than Fallout in that it starts you out with less and the challenges it gives you at the beginning are more difficult.   Therefore, taking time to create your character can mean the difference between a relatively easy start or a difficult and frustrating one.

    One thing that will help you in Fallout 2 at the beginning is to Tag certain skills.  If you are going to talk your way through things the one thing you need to Tag will be the Speech skill, always Tag the Small Guns skill.  If you are going to fight your way through things though and not emphasize the talking part as much, then I would advise Tagging either the Melee Weapons skill or the Unarmed Combat skill.   Either one will serve you fine at the beginning as you are given a spear and you of course have your fists and feet.

    As someone asked me what sort of character I used, I will give you an example of one character that I played the game through with.

ST 6, PE 8, EN 6, CH 4, IN 9, AG 10, LU 4

   I obviously took the Gifted trait to raise my stats up.   I raised my Intelligence to compensate for the skill point loss.  I tagged Small Guns, Big Guns, and Melee Weapons.  Later I Tagged Energy Weapons when I got to level 12.  This guy was fun to play with as he was able to use all the guns I found quite well.  The only drawback was his low luck which made criticals somewhat less effective, but I really didn't have that much of a problem.  I could only have two npc's with me initially but I took the Magnetic Personality perk later on.

When I ended the game his stats (with advanced power armor on) were.

ST 10, PE 10, EN 7, CH 6, IN 10, AG 10, LU 5

    This was after I got all the Brotherhood chip upgrades and took the perk stat upgrades.  He was also level 91 at this point, after the use of the little easter egg after the end of the game.  More on that later. 

    I can't think of much more to put here right now, if you want to know about something related to character creation let me know and I will put it here.


    Your first task is to survive the Temple of Trials.  This is not overly difficult, but it can be challenging if you get in over your head.  The first thing is that if you have not tagged either Unarmed Combat or Melee Weapons then just avoid all the side passages along the way as you will get yourself poisoned and maybe killed by the scorpions over there.  Each side passage has scorpions or ants or both in it that you need to fight.  This is a good time to gain some experience if you have a good fighting character, you will find around three healing powders and one antidote potion in the side passages if you search all of them, so you can go in there and still be able to fight your tribe brother at the end successfully.

    The main thing to remember in these games is to save often, that way you don't end up doing things more than once or twice.  Doing things multiple times is annoying and boring, so once you have completed a difficult portion of the game, save it!

    Head through the main passage and move in a northern direction and you will come to the first door, if you go through it you will find numerous traps on the floor, if you Tagged the Traps skill you can disarm the traps that you notice on the ground.  Otherwise keep heading north, I will leave it up to you as to whether you stop off in the side passages to kill things there.  It is not necessary, but the experience helps.  Once you get to the second door you will find it locked, you just need to use the Lockpick skill on it, don't worry if your Lockpick stinks as even my low of 11% was able to pick it during one game.  It must be locked with the Playdough lock.

    After you go through the second door the passageway will, as you head north, bear around a chasm.  To the north of the chasm is a door with no apparent way to open it, also to the right side of the hallway approaching the door is an urn.  Search the urn and you will find some Plastic Explosive!  Why, how did that get there?  The Plastic Explosive gods are smiling upon you, now go use the explosives in front of the door and step away until they explode, voila, one open door.

    Once you are through the door head north and you will come to a fire pit where your tribe member will offer you your final challenge.  You need to beat the snot out of him!  Now if you haven't tagged the Unarmed Combat skill then this could be difficult, I didn't tell you to tag it because you don't need to as I beat him without doing it.  The main thing is to save before fighting him.  If you tagged the Speech skill then you can talk him out of fighting you which still gives you experience, otherwise you need to fight. 

    I found that in these situations if you talk to the person and agree to the fight they get to attack first, so I figured I would just go into combat and attack first!  Sure enough, I got the first hits in and when I managed to beat him enough he ran away from me.  I then talked to him and he admitted defeat and I was free to go!   So there is no penalty for attacking him first, so go for it!  Otherwise you need to talk to him and tell him you're ready and he will come over and clock you first!   Why bother!

    Now you are out of the Temple and back at the village, go to the tent directly north of you and talk with the village elder.  She will give you the location of Klamath and the water flasks from Vault 13.  The elder also has a chest with some healing powder and a knife in it, go ahead and take these things as she doesn't mind, also check her shelves for some fruit. 

    Head to the southwest and you will see a large stone head with a man named Lucas in front of it.  If your unarmed combat skill isn't too good Lucas will teach you some more tricks and your skill will go up. 

    Then head to the east of the head and in a tent there is a man named Jordan who will teach you some more tricks with the spear if you aren't very good with it and your skill will go up. 

    Head over to the village well where you can talk to Feargus who will ask you to fix the well, use your Repair skill on the well to gain 100xp. 

    Then head to the northeast of the village elder's tent and you will see Nagor standing in front of some trees.  Talk to him and he will ask you to get his dog back from the hunting grounds for him.  Agree to this then head over to the northwest and you will find Hakunin the village shaman's tent.  He will ask you to clear his garden of the nasty plants in it in a round about sort of manner, notice that Hakunin is played by Dwight Schultz of A-Team and StarTrek TNG fame.  Kill the spore plants in the garden north of Hakunin's tent and then return to Hakunin for your reward, make sure to get him to heal you as well.  As Hakunin says, if you find Xander Root and Broc Flower he can make healing powder out of the two, so look around the hunting grounds when you are over there and you might find some sticking up out of the ground.  

    Head to the northwest corner of this area and you will find the entrance to the hunting grounds.  The geckos over here are somewhat tough depending on how good you are with a spear or your fists.  Some people say to sneak by the geckos and then come back later and kill them when you get the Gecko Skinning perk, but I don't see the use in this, better to get experience now.  So, I would advise that, if you can, go ahead and take out all the geckos.  Then you will need to take a round about route around a big rock to the northwest to get to Nagor's dog who is located in the southwest corner of the area.  Once you get near him the dog will follow you out of the hunting grounds.  Head back to Nagor in the village and get your experience.   Then check out the rest of the tents in the village for more goodies.  To the south of the well is your Aunt's tent that has 100 gold in a chest inside.

    Head south to exit the village, if you talk with the guard at the bridge in the next area and you have a high enough perception you will see that his spear has been sharpened and you can ask him to do sharpen yours for you.  Unfortunately, he needs a sharpening stone to help you out and you can only get this from your Aunt.   So go talk to her, she is standing in front of the tent to the south of the well.   She will ask you for three healing potions for the stone, by this time you should have enough healing potions to give her, the sharpened spear is a bit better than the regular spear so if you have a good Melee Weapons skill it is worth the trade, otherwise don't bother.  Head back to the bridge guard with the spear and stone and he will make you a sharpened spear, again this is not as worthwhile if you don't have a good Melee Weapons skill or don't intend to raise that skill up.  From there, head south across the bridge to exit to the world map.

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