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There's quite a bit of junk floating around Southern Cali after the bomb. Some of it, such as rope, is simple, practical stuff. Other items appear to serve no useful purpose whatsoever. This guide is restricted to the useful stuff only.



The inhabitants of pre-nuclear Cali had developed many strange and wonderful technologies. Conveniently, these high-tech devices were completely undamaged by the nuclear war, so now, even though many settlements lack such luxuries as running water and electricity, anybody who has the caps can sneak down the street in style with their Stealth Boy. Just one word of warning, though: nobody knows how to make any of this stuff anymore (except maybe those BOS SOBs, but you can rule out getting any help from them), so if your fancy toys break or run out of power, you'll have to buy new ones.






This is one piece of equipment that hasn't changed much in the past century. To use the bug, plant it on someone whose conversations you'd like to record. Planting an object is the same as reverse stealing it, btw.

Electronic Lockpicks

Used for opening electronic doors in the event of an emergency. The staff of Harvey's Fallout Page do not support the use of this item to illegally gain entry into otherwise restricted areas.

Geiger Counter

Geiger counters measure the amount of radiation in the body. A rad count of 100 is considered to be dangerous, a count of 1000 means your odds of survival are maybe one in three, and a rad count of over 3000 makes you radioactive enough to supply enough nuclear power to run a small city.


The commonly accepted way of carrying information in the digital age. Holodisks can contain anything from radio transmissions to scientific reports. In most cases, once you've used your PipBoy to read a holodisk, you can sell it. This does not apply to disks you need to give to other people.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor, appropriately enough, senses motion. In other words, it tells you how many drunken raiders are hiding inside that tent over there.

Psychic Nullifier

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to some sort of sadistic crown, psychic nullifiers block any outside mental interference from ruining your otherwise-perfect day. They're only really useful in one place though.


Radios are, well, radios. Fairly self-explanitory, really: they can be used for communication with both man and machine.


Recorders, like bugs, are easily recognizable as simple devices used for taping conversations. Using the recorder is dead easy; just have it anywhere in your inventory while talking to whoever it is you're trying to squeeze a confession out of.

Stealth Boy

The bracelet of champions. The Stealth Boy doesn't actually make you invisible . . . but it certainly makes you harder to see. Wearing some sort of disguise while using the Stealth Boy is the Fallout equivalent of painting yourself pink then activating a Somebody Else's Problem field around yourself: in both cases, people look right through you.

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