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The Den and Modoc:

I decided that I would do the Den and Modoc together as they are somewhat linked, I did a bit of travelling in between the two while I was solving quests, so here goes.

The Den

When you first arrive in the Den you will notice that it is your basic scum hole. Most of what you need to do here amounts to a whole heap of butt kicking. If you haven't been keeping up with the Interplay bug reports and hint boards you will want to know that the kids in the Den have a tendency towards pickpocketing you when you are not looking, so if you end up short on a few items don't be surprised. Don't worry though we will take care of that. I have heard it said that if you keep a weapon in hand that the kids won't steal from you, don't know how true that is, but give it a try anyway.

Get Anna's Locket Back

First of all, head south and to the east and you will find the exit to the east side of the Den. In front of the exit are three guys one of which is the standard Ian looking type in a leather jacket. Talk to him and you will find out his name is Joey that he doesn't enjoy having you around. You can either bow down to his territorial nature or you can kick butt. I recommend the latter unless you are a total wimp. Kill all three punks and search them, on Joey you will find a locket as well as the standard punk arsenal.

Head over to the west and you will find a broken down building next to a high tech Brotherhood installation. The building has two rooms, one of which has a man who will let you look at a REAL LIFE MUMMY! Oh boy, ignore him. Head over to the room next door by going in the big hole in the north side. Rest until it is midnight (if it isn't already). Once you do this you will notice that a ghost has appeared in the building, talk to the ghost, named Anna, and you will find she is looking for a locket, which you just happen to have. Give Anna the locket and she will disappear and a pile of bones will appear on the floor. Grab the bones and search the room (shelves, desks etc) for a shovel. Take the bones and shovel and go to the east side of the Den. Once you get there head over to the cemetary which is on the east side of the old church. Look at the tombstones and find the one with the name Anna Winslow on it. Use the shovel on the grave that is in front of that tombstone, then look inside the hole you have dug as if you were searching a location. Once the inventory screen comes up move the bones from your inventory into the grave's inventory. Then exit and use the shovel on the open grave. The grave will be covered up and you will gain experience for putting Anna to rest.

Another option for the Locket quest

Talk to Anna's ghost, then go talk to Mom and she will tell you about Joey living in the haunted house on the other side of town. Then go talk to Joey and convince him to give you Anna's locket to keep her ghost from haunting him forever. I would assume you need a high speech skill for this, thanks for the info Dan.

Take Care of Flick

Head back to the west side of town and look in the a building near the entrance to the east side for Flick. He is in a room in the southeast corner of the building. Talk to him for a while and you can find out that he is using the children in the Den to steal stuff for him, you can also ask about Metzger the slaver and Mom's Diner. Once you are done talking with Flick I would suggest that you kill him as he is a dirtbag and he deserves it, plus it keeps the kids in the Den from stealing all your stuff. This does not have a negative effect on your karma. Flick has a lot of junk on him that could be useful.

Take Care of Tubby

Once you are done with Flick head over to the northwest and you will find Tubby's place, you can talk with him as well, but he again is a dirtbag and you might as well just take him out. Once again this has no negative effect on your karma. Collect Tubby's stuff.

Help out Becky

Head to the east across the street from Tubby's and you will find Becky's place. Talk to Becky (she is behind the counter) and get some work from her. The first task she gives you is to find Fred and collect the money that he owes her. You can find Fred near or in the building where you killed Flick, he looks exactly like one of the stooped over bald addicts in the brownish shirts that are roaming around the place. Once you find him he will say that he only has half of the money that he owes Becky, offer to help him out and pay the other half for him, don't let him take back the money afterwards. Head back to Becky and give her the money. She will have one more task for you which is a little more difficult, that is to find her book that Derek(?) borrowed from her. The book is not on any person it is lying around on the ground in a random location in the east side of town. I have found it inside the graveyard and near a barrel south of the graveyard, just keep looking around and you should be able to find it if you are persistent enough. Once you find the book I think that it has some effect if you read it (other than the warm fuzzy feeling effect), but only if you have certain attributes, can't remember what those are though, if anyone wants to help me out here that would be welcome.

Later, if you have helped Fred out, if you return to the Den he will be dressed in a new suit and will reward you handsomely for your earlier generosity. I'm not sure about the timeline on that one, but I had wandered around for a while before coming back. Try checking once you go to get the car. Thanks to Dan for reminding me of that one.


Head to the east side of town and on the southeast side you will find Mom's Diner. Inside you can talk to Mom and help her out by bringing a meal over to Smitty on the west side of town. Head over to the west side and in the southwest corner you will find Smitty's shack outside of which is the car. Give the meal to Smitty and talk with him about the car, he will tell you that if you find a Fuel Cell Controller he will get the car working for 2000 bucks. Search Smitty's lockers and you will find a tool inside of them. Head back to Mom's and talk with Stacy the girl at the table in the middle of the room, talk to her about her cat and you will gain 200xp. Talk to Karl up in the northwest corner of Mom's and ask him what his story is. He will tell you, this will save you some time later on another quest.

Lara and Metzger and Tyler and Vic blah blah

Head back over to the west side of town and talk with Lara she is in the building to the south of Tubby's. She will ask you to help her out by finding out what Tyler and his boys are guarding for Metzger in the church on the east side of town. You will probably need a few points in the Speech skill, at least a 20-25% to make this happen. First go talk to Metzger up at the slave guild in the northeast corner of the east side. By now you have probably gotten the lowdown that Vic is being held by Metzger, Vic is of course the guy that you were supposed to find to help you find Vault 13. Talk to Metzger and you will find out that Vic is being held by Metzger because he can't fix Metzger's radio, ask if you can see Vic, then go to the room where Vic is being held (southeast of Metzger) and ask the guard outside the door if you can talk to him. Talk to Vic and give him the radio you got out of his shack in Klamath. Then go talk to Metzger and you can find out that he wants 1000 bucks to let Vic go. If you don't have this yet, I would not be surprised as I did not at this point, if you do have it by all means buy Vic's freedom. If not you might want to skip down to the next paragraph, do that quest and come back and you should have enough money.

Head back to the church and tell Tyler that Metzger sent you to check on his stuff. If he blows you off you can rest for an hour or two and come back and try again until you get in, once you get in look in one of the boxes and then head back to Lara on the west side. She will give you your reward and ask you to talk to Metzger and ask him if it okay to take out Tyler and his gang. Go talk to Metzger and get the info on that, head back to Lara and she will then ask you to find a weakness that her gang can exploit to defeat Tyler's gang. Go talk to Tyler and he will mention that they are having a big party that night and will be getting really drunk. Talk to Lara again and tell her about this, she will have you come with her gang to make sure you are not double crossing her, but you don't have to fight. Go with them and you will be transported to the church, let Lara and her gang engage the guard outside in combat, you can help them out if you want, but don't step in front of the door otherwise the guards inside will see you and start firing. Once the guard outside is dead, end the combat and Lara will give you your reward, then they will head into the church, the funny thing is they don't attack anyone. I remedied this by stepping into the doorway of the church, as soon as one of Tyler's gang saw me they started firing, I then stepped outside and let Lara's gang take on most of the bad guys. A few made it outside but these were easily dispatched.


On the quest to find how Becky gets her cheap liquor, go to Becky, drink a lot until she comments on how good a customer you are. You then ask her how she gets the liquor so cheap and she tells you about how she has her own still. Then go back to the Hole and tell Derek she has a still, he will then ask you to destroy the still for $500. Instead, convince him to buy from her instead of buying from New Reno and all told you get about 2000 exp. Worth doing early in the game, but you need a high speech. Thanks for the info Ray.

You should really go ahead and kill Metzger and his gang when you are powerful enough to do it, I usually take them out when I come back for the car.


Head directly east of the Den towards Vault City and you will come upon an unknown area when you are about three quarters of the way to Vault City. This is Modoc.

Investigate the Ghost Farm

When you arrive in Modoc talk to Mayor Jo in the building to the west of you. If you ask him about the G.E.C.K. he will tell you that he knows where you can find one, but first you need to do something for him. He wants you to check out a farm on the outskirts of town and find out what is going on over there. Head out of the town and go to the Ghost Farm that is newly marked on your map. Once you get there, take a look at the supposed bodies on the stakes and you will see that they are just dummies covered in brahmin innards, head to the northwest and go towards the building there. If there are people in front of the building talk to them and let them take you to their leader, if there is no one outside then go inside the building and walk over the center of the rugs lying on the ground inside the building. You will then fall down a passage and be faced with some guards, talk to the guards and let them take you to their leader. Their leader Vegeir will explain that he needs you to make contact with the outside world for them. Agree to take his message back to Modoc and leave. Head to the south through the door, if you click on the guard he will move out of the way, then head up the ladder. Use the exit that you come out of to go in and out of the underground base. Then head back to Modoc. Once you get there talk to Mayor Jo and tell him Vegeir's message. He will want to know about the people up on stakes around the farm, since you looked at the dummies you can tell him that that is what they are. If you didn't talk to Karl back in the Den then you are going to have to go back there, because Jo wants to know what happened to Karl the guy that was living on the farm. If you did talk to Karl you can let Jo know that Karl is in the Den. Once you clear these two things up you gain xp for solving the ghost farm mystery. You can also head back to the Den and tell Karl that he is welcome back home and you will gain 500xp, thanks Ray for reminding me of this one.

Find Johnny

Go north to the tannery and talk to Balthus the tanner, ask him why he looks down and then introduce yourself and he will tell you that his son Johnny is missing, you can offer to help him, he will give you Johnny's dog to help you out if you don't have all your NPC slots filled. Head back to the ghost farm and talk to Vegeir he will give you an Assault Rifle if you didn't initially ask him for a reward. Then head north through the underground until you find an exit, go through there into where the water pump is, then you will find a bunch of kids standing around. Talk to the kids until you find Johnny, tell him that you have come to take him home, he will give you a quiz as to what his father's name is (Balthus) and then he will ask you to tell Vegeir that you will be taking him. Before you tell Vegeir you might want to search through the underground for things that might prove useful later, some lockers and chests have a few useful items. Once you tell Vegeir that you are taking Johnny home you are transported back to Modoc where you can talk with Balthus. As a reward for finding his son he will give you the Leather Jacket Mark 2. By the way, if you have the edited European version then you have no children in your game and this quest is unsolvable. I guess all you can do in that game is find Johnny's BB Gun near the cave in inside the well and return it to his father. Thanks to Andy for that piece of info, since I don't have the Euro version.

Help Grisham

The owner of the slaughterhouse is Grisham he is located to the east of where Mayor Jo is holed up. Head over there and talk with Grisham, when you try to say goodbye he will offer you a job protecting his Brahmin from a pack of wild dogs. Agree to help him out. You will then be transported to where Grisham has his brahmin, the dogs will attack from the north, try to keep them from attacking the brahmin because for every brahmin that dies you get less money as a reward from Grisham (sly old coot). Also make sure that no dogs get away from you as this can screw things up a lot if they run off the screen and you can't find them, you need to kill all the dogs that attack. Once you do this you can head back to town and Grisham will give you your reward minus whatever penalty for each brahmin that died. Also in Grisham's place if you have a good enough charisma you can pick up a wife or "companion" as Grisham's daughter and son are both open for business. They aren't very useful though and take up an NPC slot so I would not bother or I would save the game just in case if you want to try getting one of them.

Help Farrel

Head to the north side of Modoc and then go to a building in the east where you will find Farrel, he will greet you with a statement about how he did not steal the watch. Ask him about the watch and he will tell you that everyone thinks that he stole his best friend Cornelius' watch. Offer to find the watch for him, he also has a problem with rats in his garden which you can find out about if you ask him what he does. Offer to clear out the rats and you will be transported to his garden, kill the rats and once you have taken them all out head back, Farrel doesn't give you anything unless you asked for something beforehand, but you gain xp. To find the watch, head to the north of Farrels house, you will find a small building which is being used as a sewage dump of some sort, open the doors of the cabinet inside the building. Before you head down you should go over to Jo's place and barter with him for some dynamite and a rope if you don't have one. Head back to the cabinet and go down the hole inside of it. You will find yourself inside a cave with a large rock pile blocking the entrance in front of you. Make sure you are at full health and then drop some dynamite with a three minute timer on it and then head back up the ladder. You will take some damage as you are blown out of the hole, but once you go back down you will find the pile of rock is no more. Head north and you will find a mole rat guarding a pile of junk, kill the mole rat and search around the junk to find Cornelius' watch. Head back to Farrel and give him the watch for some xp.


Head to the north side of town to Rose's Bed and Breakfast and talk to Rose at the counter and if you haved solved the ghost farm quest she will let you rummage through the lost and found box on the floor next to the counter, it has some random stuff inside of it.

Clear out the pile of rocks in front of the chicken coop and take out the dogs without alerting anyone and you will be in for a big surprise. By the way, if you leave without attacking the surprise and come back all the townspeople in that section of town will be dead. Thanks Andy.

There is also a well in Modoc it is located in the southern portion of the town. It is covered in wood and if you clear it off and then use a rope on it you can climb down into a cave where you will find money that people have thrown down there. Goonies movie reference there. I think taking the money lowers your karma. Thanks to James for reminding me.

Vault City and Gecko

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