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The Boneyard:

Hopefully by this time you are doing pretty well, you got the Plasma Rifle from the Glow and the Power Armor from the Brotherhood of Steel. Now you are heading into an area that is slightly more challenging than the places you have encountered.


When you first arrive in the Boneyard you will be placed in Adytum. First talk to the guard at the gate, he will tell you some basic information about the locals and refer you to Caleb their commander for more information. So, go talk to Caleb, he is the guy in the combat armor to the right of the guards. He will give you more detailed information about the locals and also tell you where the Childred of the Cathedral are located.

Go talk to Smitty in the first building on the right hand side of the street. He will tell you all about what he does. Then talk to Zimmerman, the "head" of Adytum. He is in the second building down on the left side of the street. He will give you a mission to kill the leader of the Blades supposedly because the Blades are a threat, but mostly because Zimmerman thinks that they killed his son.

Now head to the southwest and talk to Miles, he is the guy in the blue lab coat standing in front of the farm. He will give you a mission to retrieve some parts that will fix the broken hydroponic farm. He will refer you to Sammael for more info. Go talk to Sammael the guy in leather in the tent to the right of Miles. He will give you the low down on where the parts might be that Miles is looking for.

Head over to the southeast and you will find another tent there. Inside is Chuck, if you ask him for advice (or just act curious at first) and persist three times in asking for advice from Chuck without being a skeptic then your Luck will increase by one point.

Near the corner of the building to the north of Chuck's tent there is a woman in leather with a gun, she is another Scav like Sammael. She will give you more detailed information about the locals and the local area.

You can also go see Tine he is underground in the small building to the left of the main gate. He can sell you some stuff if you need it. Not much there though.

Head to the north out of the gate to the Blades sections of the Boneyard.

The Blades

Head to the north and you will see a large building with a guard at the door, go inside and to the right and you will see a woman dressed in black standing at a desk. This is the Blades leader Razor, tell her that Zimmerman sent you and follow the conversation from there. If you say the correct things and try to avoid getting into a confrontation she will reveal that the Regulators are the ones responsible for Zimmerman's sons death. Razor has a holodisk that she will give to you if you offer to take it to Zimmerman. Razor will suggest that you talk to the Gun Runners and get their help so that the Blades can take out the Regulators.

The Followers of the Apocalypse

Head out of the building and to the west and you will find yourself at the library of the Followers of the Apocalypse. Inside you can recruit the last of your NPC followers Katja. She will give you some information and will practically jump at the chance to join up with you, she will also give you the location of the Cathedral.. Talk to Nicole the leader of the Followers, she is standing to the northeast of Katja. Nicole will give you the low down on the Followers and on what she knows about the Children of the Cathedral. Ask her for help and she will give you a contact in the Cathedral that you can get help from. She will also create a diversion by giving you several NPC characters that will tag along with you, I would avoid getting her to do this as they make it hard to sneak around, if you are going for the direct kill em all approach then by all mean take them along. Head down the stairs in the northeast corner of the building and you will find yourself in another section of the library, you will see a mutant to the south. Talk to him for a while and you can get several pieces of information out of him including that he is from Vault 13. There are some other things you can talk to him about one of which is a dialogue about a spy in the Followers camp, this refers to a quest that the designers took out of the game and never removed the dialogue relating to it, so you can ignore this.

There are also some people hanging out in a building to the northwest of the Follower's library. They seem to be mercenaries, if you kill them you lose karma, but no one else seems to care very much. I don't really know what their purpose is.

The Deathclaws

Head back to the Blades area and head east across the way and you will find yourself in the Deathclaw hangout. This is a very useful area, but you have to be pretty tough to survive an encounter with the Deathclaws. The plasma rifle and power armor are a must here. There are usually two to three Deathclaws wandering around this area. If you are tough enough to take out the Deathclaws there is a viable strategy you can employ to get large amounts of experience. Each Deathclaw that you kill is worth 1000xp and if you leave the Deathclaw area (go to the Blades area) after killing all of them on the surface and rest for one hour and then return, you will find that new Deathclaws are there. You can do this for an unlimited amount of time as the Deathclaws keep regenerating. Save often and you can build up a lot of experience killing Deathclaws. The best way to kill the Deathclaws is to shoot them in the eyes, you need a pretty high skill level in whatever weapon you are using to do this.

Of course you will want to kill them permanently at some point and also there is the matter of the parts for Miles. The parts are on a corpse near the northeast corner of the center building, you should pick these up after you first kill the surface Deathclaws. Head back to Adytum and give the parts to Miles, he will have you get Smitty to fix them, once you do this and bring them back Miles will give you a reward. He will also tell you that Smitty and he can help you out with various weapons and armor. If you talk to Miles again he will tell you that he needs you to go see Mrs. Stapleton the librarian (the lady that sells books) in the Hub to get a book that will enable him to help you out. Head over to Smitty before you go and get him to modify your plasma rifle into a turbo plasma rifle. Then head back to the Hub by going north through the Blades area and out to the north. You can get the book from Mrs. Stapleton and if your barter is good you can get her to lower here inital price on it. Head back to Adytum after you get the book and give it to Miles. He will then modify your power armor giving it a boost in all its stats. You can then head back to the Deathclaw area.

Now that you are back in the Deathclaw area you are probably ready to either kill more Deathclaws or take them out once and for all. If the latter is what you want to do, here is how to do it. Head to the northeast corner of the center building. There you will find a stairway leading down. Take the stairway down and you will be in a dark room, around the corner is the Mama Deathclaw. She has about 500hp, keep hitting her in the eyes, it is dark so unless you are really good with your weapon you will have a hard time hitting her, a flare might help in that regard. Once you have killed her head to the southeast corner of the room and you will find a bunch of eggs and egg shells, enter combat mode and destroy all the eggs, this will ensure that no Deathclaws reappear.

The Gun Runners

Head to the east of the Deathclaw area and go talk to the Gun Runners. Let their leader (guy in combat armor) know that you have taken out the Deathclaws and he will be very grateful, get him to provide weapons for your friends the Blades and then go talk to the midget and ask him for a discount on some weapons and buy whatever you need.

The Regulators Finale

Once you head back to the Blades and talk to their leader you will find that she is ready to take on Adytum. You can either agree and you will be transported to Adytum and go into combat with the Regulators or you can tell her that you are going to try and talk to Zimmerman. Either way you play it Zimmerman gets killed. If you go talk to Zimmerman and prove to him that his son was killed by the Regulators he is automatically killed by one of the Regulators standing near him and then you have to fight all the Regulators and the Blades show up to help. If you just go with the Blades down to take out the Regulators then you end up killing Zimmerman. I suppose for your peace of mind you can talk to Zimmerman, but otherwise it doesn't matter. The main thing during the confrontation with the Regulators is to make sure you don't shoot any friendly people, it is somewhat hard to tell who is who. The bad guys are the ones in the metal armor. If you target any friendly people in the town by accident then you will have to kill all of them, so be careful.

Once you take out the Regulators you can talk to the Razor the Blades leader again, she appears in Adytum to greet you. She basically reminds you to talk with Miles and Smitty before you go, but since you have already gotten what you need from them you won't need to talk with them.


The guard at the door of the Blades building will give you some training in hand to hand and melee weapon skills if you go to him after taking out the Regulators. He will tell you this himself if you talk to him before taking out the Regulators.

Next will be the Cathedral.

The Cathedral

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